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            HOMEPAGE    Products

            DKC301DC (DC MOTOR)
            DKC301DC (DC MOTOR)
            DKC301DC (DC MOTOR)
            DKC301DC (DC MOTOR)
            DKC301DC (DC MOTOR)

            DKC301DC (DC MOTOR)


            DC24V motor, safe & quiet.

            Electronic limit inside, easy to set and adjustment.

            Soft-start & soft-stop, running smoothly.

            Auto-reverse if any obstruct.

            Backup batteries inside.

            Aluminum body with quality coating, strong and never rusting.

            Available for solar-power, infrared photocells, alarm lamps, etc.

            • Product Details:

            Technical data

            Power supply110V or 220V
            Motor power24V DC 100W
            Output toque10N.m
            Opening speed10m/min
            Output teeth16T
            Limit switch

            Electronic Limit

            Max. gate weight300kg

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