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            Big torque, high strength, low noise,long life.

            Auto-stop when obstruction.

            Soft start and soft stop for smooth running (ZK320DC) .

            Integrated mechanicallimit switch for stop accurately.

            Manual key release design for emergency purposes.

            Auto-close function, adjustable time.

            Wiring terminals for warning lamp, photocell, electric lock, etc.

            • Product Details:

            Technical data

            Motor powerAD 150WDC 150W
            Power supply220V
            Working angle of gate60°or 105°
            Max.output torque320N.m
            Opening time20 sec
            Gate weight(per leaf)Max.800kg
            Gate width(per leaf)Max.4m
            Ambient temperature-20℃~+50℃
            Protection classIP54

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